The company

Enfer wine since three generations

Thomain winemaking company is located in Aosta Valley, a small mountain region in the North-West of Italy next to both France and Switzerland. The five-acre vineyard is situated on the left side of the central dale opposite Arvier .

This spot was called Enfer (the French name for hell) for the hardness and the dryness of the soil, facing the South. Thus, since the XIV century, the red wine produced here was named Enfer too.

From this vineyard a DOC wine with a unique bouquet characteristics, Enfer wine.

Our story

Thomain’s Company starts in 1920 with Giuseppe and go on with the generations, with his son Maurizio and now his grand-son Danilo.

In 1971 Enfer got the quality assurance label for Italian wines DOC . It was among the first wines in Aosta Valley to get this important recognition.

The family vineyard wasn’t large and the craft wine is produced by artisanal process. Thus the production used to be about 5,000 bottles every year.

Since 2000 the vineyard has grown to 5 acres and the wine production, still artisanal, has doubled in 2016.